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Best Things to Do in Hanoi

Best Things to Do in Hanoi :     1. Hanoi Old Quarter : Also known as French Quarter. This area started from 1010 when King Ly Thai To chose this area to be the capital for the whole country. In the past Hanoi Old Quarter comprises of 36 streets packed with shops selling typical kinds of goods, each street named for its primary good or service.          2. Temple of Literature : Started from 1070 as a temple for worshiping Confucius and extended in 1076 for the study of children on Royal Family. From 1253, It was open to be National College for talent student in the whole country to study.          3. Hoa Lo Prison Known as “Hilton Hanoi” to American Prisoner of War. It was first built by French in 1896 to detain Vietnamese Political Prisoners. During Vietnam War, it was used by the Communist Government to detain American Pilots, who were shot down when they bombed Hanoi.          4. Ho Chi Minh Complex Including Presidential Palace (Built by French for French General